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Kaja Pizza Kaja Pizza Köök Kaja Pizza

20 Seats, PIZZA and POPCORN Machine

Open until 19:00 or until the dough runs out. Scroll Down, SEE MENU or LEARN ABOUT WORKSHOPS.

Unique NEOPOLITAN pizza in Tallinn

We came all the way from Italy to provide you with this unique and first Napoli pizza in Estonia. Our wood-fired oven was built for us in Naples. This is the first wood-fired oven in Estonia by famous Stefano Ferrara. 

Kaja Pizza Köök is a place with a heavy focus on organic products and one thing is for sure, we put our heart and soul into this pizza, and we will keep doing it. 

All our pizza is made from Caputo stone-ground flour and baked in high heat in a wood-fired oven. The idea is precisely to bring the original formula, which is recounted in the popular legends: water, flour and salt. 

At Kaja Pizza Köök instead of rules or hierarchy we believe in experiments and passion above everything else. We strive to create a perfect moment for you by transmitting positive energy and a love for our job.

Kaja Pizza Kaja Pizza

You will not get such dough in any pizzeria. The most delicious Italian pizza in Tallinn, I think that in all of Estonia.

T. K.

I've only visited once, but the ones I ordered were probably the best pizzas I've ever eaten.

K. P.

Wonderful atmosphere, friendly service and excellent food!

M. K.

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Kaja pizza

Kaja Workshop

In addition to Kaja's pizza, we also offer pizza workshops, where everyone can try their hand at making pizza and make pizza to their liking. 

Kaja Pizza in the Kitchen with your friends or family, team or customers.

Location and Hours

Open daily 11:30-19:00 or until the dough runs out.

We're locaed at Õle 33, Tallinn 101319. Don't forget to bring your good mood along. 

You can contact us by calling at 6601611 or messaging us in Facebook or sending us a letter at

Kaja Pizza
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