We came all the way from Italy to provide you with this unique and first Napoli pizza in Estonia. Our wood fired oven was build for us in Naples. This is the first wood fired oven in Estonia by  famous Stefano Ferrara.


Kaja Pizza Köök is a place with a heavy focus on organic products and one thing is for sure, we put our heart and soul into this pizza, and we will keep doing it.


All our pizza made from Caputo stone ground flour and baked in a high heat in a wood-fired oven. The idea is precisely to bring the original formula, which is recounted in the popular legends: water, flour and salt.


At Kaja Pizza Köök instead of rules or hierarchy we believe in experiments and passion above everything else. We strive to create a perfect moment for you by transmitting a positive energy and a love for our job. We offer an unforgettable pizza making experience and everyone make his own and unique Napoli pizza introduced by our proffesional pizzaiolos. This is a quality time with your friends, family, colleagues or clients in the most hygge place in Tallinn.

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— MENU —

gently fermented then baked at blasting 500 C degrees in a wood fired Stefano Ferrara oven

Our sourdough pizzas are with soul and art and a true labour of love! They are made using a Caputo flour 100% sourdough base with no added yeast, slowly risen over 30 hours In a handmade wooden proofing boxes, resulting in an incredibly light and delicious handcrafted mother dough. Each one is topped with our tomato sauce, using the best San Marzano tomatoes and full of minerals natural salt, finest Italian mozzarella and organic extra virgin olive oil. Finally baked in our legendary Stefano Ferrara wood fired brick oven.

Our famous cheesecakes made with soul and organic products using free-range chicken eggs.


Chef Andrei Lesment has an impressive CV, his journey driven by the ambition to work with the London’s best chefs and the finest Michelin and AA Rosette restaurants.



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